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Utilizing Automated Timekeeping For ACA Compliance

Be Prepared: Understanding The Importance Of Automated Timekeeping For ACA Tracking

If you own a business of any size, chances are you’re currently attempting to get your organization ready for the Affordable Care Act’s rules and regulations that will be implemented at the start of 2015. The goal of the ACA is to provide enhanced healthcare quality at affordable costs and reduce the overall pool of uninsured individuals. A key component to the ACA’s ultimate success? Ensuring that businesses comply with providing all full-time eligible (FTE) employees in their organization access to quality and affordable healthcare.

Let Us Help You Determine The Right Look Back Period For Your Eligible FTE

If you’re currently sorting through the changes and modifications to the Affordable Care Act that specifically affect your organization, The Payroll Company can help. At The Payroll Company, we have been hard at work partnering with our clients to help ensure that they achieve and maintain complete compliance with the pending ACA mandates. We understand firsthand that, for many of our partners, understanding the litany of mandates, rules and regulations can prove challenging at best. Carefully sifting through the details of various ACA features such as measurement period, look back period and even pinpointing exactly what constitutes an eligible FTE can feel overwhelming. That’s why our team of ACA specialists closely partners with all of our clients to create a customized compliance solution. A critical resource that we offer to streamline the entire compliance process? Automated timekeeping systems.

Beyond Identifying Your Eligible FTE’s: Know The Benefits Automated Timekeeping Delivers

How can automated timekeeping help your organization pinpoint current FTE’s eligible for ACA benefits? First and foremost, all tracking and documentation filed with the government must be precise. Manually tracking and calculating time during your company’s designated look back period can hold errors that may cost your company in government issued penalties. Implementing an automated timekeeping approach effectively eliminates the chance for misinformation to make it into your appointed measurement period.

Additionally, many businesses striving for ACA compliance don’t realize that, while they are required to keep payroll records for their employees, the government doesn’t require companies to store paper copies of this information. Implementing automated timekeeping for your business means that you can easily manage and store soft copies of various forms, such as time sheets and W-4 forms, without having to physically keep them filed somewhere onsite.

Automated timekeeping resources not only makes filing these forms straightforward, it also streamlines accessing these items as well. You’ll never have to waste precious time rummaging through paper files trying to put together your compliance documentation. Instead, you’ll be able to quickly access everything you need with just a few quick clicks of a button.

Most importantly, when incorporating an automated timekeeping strategy from The Payroll Company, you have access to our entire team of Obamacare experts to answer questions and coordinate all documentation on your behalf as you prepare for the upcoming 2015 ACA mandates. We manage all ACA logistics for your organization so you won’t have to worry about being issued costly non-compliance penalties. Want to hear more about our strategies and solutions? Visit our website today, or request more information at: