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Using Workflow Management Software

Optimize Your Corporate Efficiency With Workflow Management Software

Operational efficiency is a goal that most businesses aspire to achieve. Optimal productivity helps eliminate wasted time and resources as well as keeps everyone and everything running at maximum capacity at all times. Unfortunately, with so many variables and employees in place at any given organization, successfully obtaining streamlined operations can prove elusive at best, no matter what the size or scope of the company.

If you are struggling to keep proficiency at the forefront in your operations, you may be an ideal candidate for workflow management software. A customized workflow management software solution offers businesses in any industry a wide range of significant benefits such as:

Error reduction: Manually handling any internal process allows extensive room for something to be done incorrectly…or not done at all. iSolved has workflow capabilities housed in a centralized location so everyone knows what is expected of them as well as who is responsible for completion based on user security roles. Using this type of system eliminates the chance of something to unknowingly slip through the cracks.

Employee empowerment: Not only will your employees be able to access all of their personal information online, they will be able to update it as well. You can give your staff access to as much or as little as you choose. Friendly reminders of pending transactions awaiting their approval greet approvers as they login to the system. Online benefits enrollment? Check. Direct deposit changes? Check. Managers requesting salary changes? Check. Empower your employees and managers to control their own data, with the proper checks and balances in place of course.

Enhanced corporate communications: Do you wish you could upload your new employee handbook to your HCM and require employees to acknowledge it with a read receipt? With iSolved, you can! Whether it be company updates, updated documents, or communicating time sensitive benefit enrollment information for new hires, iSolved workflow management software will help you put the proper workflow in place to make sure the right people approve information when necessary.

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