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Using Applicant Tracking Software

How Applicant Tracking Software Aids The Recruiting Process

Every business owner understands the importance of keeping the internal team staffed with the very best talent in the candidate pool. However, successfully recruiting from available applicants while simultaneously and effectively managing core business functions can prove daunting. Eventually something has to give; usually that something is the recruiting process.

If you are not ready to give up on finding the very best to candidates for you, you need applicant tracking software. This important resource can make a major impact on workflow and the entire hiring process as a whole.

Applicant Tracking Software 101: The Benefits Of Using This Important Resource

How does applicant tracking software aid the recruiting process? These systems offer advantages on both sides of potential job openings:


The first step of any job opening begins with the hiring company/recruiter. Using applicant tracking software allows your recruiting team access to a secure, easy-to-use system. Manual methods would require your staff to create new job posts and then continuously track every single change that occurs until the requisition closes. An automated system eliminates this potential time waster. Instead, simply add the initial job description into your database. From there your team can track/screen/eliminate applicants, field questions, and even manage multiple candidates as they move through various stages of the process.

The biggest benefit of an ATS system is time. You never have to worry about getting bogged down in the minutia. The entire process, as well as any necessary documentation will be managed from one centralized, easy-to-access location. Additionally, your ATS system will allow recruiters to post jobs on any of your social media pages, as well as designated job boards.


Candidates also enjoy a slew of advantages when applying through an applicant tracking software system. No matter where they find your jobs posted, simply clicking on the attached link will bring their information directly into your database. Your applicants will be able to review current opportunities, register for updates, ask any questions they may have, and apply online directly to your organization where all of their data will be stored.

By offering key benefits to both recruiters and candidates, a well-designed applicant tracking software system allows complete control over the process and can bring your job opening from posted to filled as quickly as possible.

Most importantly, a dynamic ATS system does not just aid the recruiting process with current job opportunities. An innovative system will also offer data analysis and reporting components as part of its functionality. Never again will you have to collect information manually to determine the effectiveness of your hiring process. You will easily tap into data stored within your system to analyze any number of key factors to help you manage your recruiting experience from start to finish.

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