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Use Workforce Management Software To Coordinate Onboarding

Workforce Management Software Delivers Effective Onboarding For Early Productivity

Business owners in every industry want their new hires to hit the ground running. Entrepreneurs manning the help of companies of every size recognize that success with early productivity begins with new employee onboarding. An efficient and effective onboarding process can truly set the tone for the overall experience an employee will have at your company. In an effort to ensure successful onboarding and increase early productivity rates, many organizations are implementing a workforce management software system as well as other resources to arm new hires with the information they will need for high productivity as soon as they start.

Optimize Your New Employee Onboarding Process

When looking to strengthen your onboarding process and early productivity, consider three important tips.

Tip #1: Keep In Contact Even After They Sign On

All too often, companies proactively recruit and connect with new talent, until they accept an offer. Once they’ve agreed to employment, many businesses don’t contact pending hires until they show up for their first day. Oftentimes, there is a several week gap between the offer letter and actual start date. This lack of communication can result in new hires arriving at the office with a multitude of questions and uncertainties.

As part of your onboarding initiative, put together a process that enables your company to keep in touch with new hires. Prompt email introductions so your latest employee will get to know relevant department and team members in advance. Send scheduling outlines to help manage expectations about how their orientation will progress. You may even want to consider connecting through the company’s social media pages. These small efforts will instantly help new people feel like they are part of the team, welcome, and ready to begin adding value to your current initiatives and campaigns.

Outline Requirements And Expectations

It’s hard to meet expectations and internal requirements if you don’t know exactly what they are. Help your new hires out by creating a thorough orientation outline. This process should accomplish a multitude of objectives. First, the experience should familiarize staff members with the company, its history, and current corporate mission. This is also any opportunity for recently hired employees to spend time with different departments to learn more about specific strategies utilized throughout the organization and how these methods relate specifically to their operational role. Taking the time to acquaint these staff members with other employees and methods is an excellent way to expedite their productivity levels.

This is the also the time to set some preliminary objectives and milestones. The first few weeks/months of employment can feel overwhelming. Coordinate milestones in 30, 60, and 90-day intervals to break up the stress and allow new team members the opportunity to achieve various goals.

Use Workforce Management Software

Finally, streamline the entire onboarding process by implementing workforce management software. An intuitive system requires minimal training and gives new hires access to all the data and documents they need to begin productivity levels. A centralized system will manage all paperwork and benefits administration so they can move on to other, more important, tasks and functions in your organization as a productive member of the team.

If you’re looking for an innovative workforce management software system, The Payroll Company can help. Contact our team today to discuss your employee and onboarding needs.