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Use Professional Online Payroll Services

Avoid These Potential Costly Payroll Mistakes With Your Start-Up by using Online Payroll Services

As a new business owner you will constantly find yourself straddling a multitude of functions and responsibilities. While it may make sense to continue managing various tasks, it’s also critical (for the health of your fledgling venture) to look for various duties to outsource. One common function that many entrepreneurs find makes sense to outsource? Payroll. Using professional online payroll services can make a significant impact on a wide range of operations within your business. In fact, business owners who choose not to utilize online payroll services often find themselves facing a myriad of common (and potentially costly) issues.

Don’t fall victim to these avoidable missteps. Use online payroll services to ensure your business prevents these potential mistakes:

Increased Employee Turnover

Many executives don’t realize that there is a direct correlation between payroll efficiency and employee satisfaction. As you ramp up your business, you may not have the time needed to implement a seamless process that gets your staff properly paid and paid on time. Frustrated team members waiting for delayed payments can quickly get disgruntled enough to want to search for additional opportunities elsewhere. Outsourcing your payroll processing needs means you never have to worry prompt payments.

Inaccurate Reporting

Start-up entrepreneurs can often resort to manual procedures with their payment processes, with negative results. It’s critical to stay on top of revenues and expenditures at all times. Not only does a manual process enhance the risk of internal errors, it also increases the chance of inaccurate corporate reports.

No Scalability

Perhaps you have a successful handle on paying your staffers now. However, as your business begins to take off and grow with new opportunities, you can quickly find yourself (and your payment methods) struggling to keep up with the additional volume. Outsourcing your payment procedure instantly delivers scalability to your internal processes. Your chosen partner will have the resources needed to stay ahead of your growth so you enjoy uninterrupted payment services at all times.

Lack Of Integration

Managing any of your internal functions yourself can often mean that various departments simply don’t “link up.” Your HR, finance, sales, payroll and other key data often exist as an independent entity. Integration between any of your department requires extensive time and committed resources, both of which you probably don’t have. A professional partner will not only manage your payroll function, it will also have the capability to integrate the data throughout your organization so relevant staffers have access to the information they need quickly and easily.


Perhaps the biggest payroll mistake made by executives of start-ups is non-compliance. Having internal employees means meeting a litany of federal and local mandates. Most business owners don’t have the insight (or time) needed to effectively stay on top of compliance requirements, which can, and do, change often. A non-compliant business can incur fines and penalties, costing a company precious time and money. Using a professional team to manage your payroll results in seamless compliance for your organization.

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