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Use Your HCM To Empower Employees

Empower HR Self-Service: Try These Three Simple Steps

Using a human capital management (HCM) system can have a major impact throughout your human resource department. An innovative HCM program instantly empowers your employees to manage a host of specific HR functions, such as benefits and compensation. Additionally, your HCM streamlines the dreaded paperwork bottleneck as well as saves company money throughout its use.

Why Employees Resist Using HCM Functionality

With so many benefits, it may be hard to understand why more companies aren’t adopting an HCM model within their organization. One major deterrent is change. Employees, comfortable with the way “things have always been done,” often don’t want to embrace the change that comes with implementing a new system. Instead, they continue managing processes the way they always have, even after a human capital management program has been launched. The result is different departments having different processes and a fragmented overall system.

Create A Plan For HCM System Integration In Your Organization

Yes, change is hard; however, it shouldn’t be what deters you from empowering your employees with a fully integrated HR self-service solution. Don’t miss out on the many advantages offered by a human capital resource platform; follow three easy steps to streamline your integration experience.

Step #1: Evaluate Current Methods And Outline Future Process

The first step in ironing out glitches in integration is to evaluate the current methods your staff uses for its HR needs. Your human resource department should determine:

  • How current workload is distributed
  • How many different ways there are to do the same process

Inevitably, various teams will have a different spin on the same procedure. You will want to allow for flexibility. However, flexibility cannot undermine efficiency and cohesion.

Once you understand the current state of your HR practices, you can define future practices. Now is when you dig in to determine how much your HR team should manage exclusively and what tasks you can empower employees to handle as part of self-service. Having a comprehensive, structured outline of where you want to go can help with next steps.

Step #2: Develop Future Process

Now that you have conceptualized how and where you will use your HCM, it’s time to actually design your company’s future state. Partner with your system provider to truly understand the functionality of your application. You will also want to work closely with your human resources team to review innovative trends and principles that must get included in your upgrade. These collaborations will help you design a final layout that encompasses all of your specific HR needs, making it more likely that your employees will feel motivated to actually use it.

Step #3: Outline Cost Benefits

Finally, the best way to not only inspire everyone to use the system, but also ensure your executive team will make system use mandatory is to run a cost benefit analysis. This outline will demonstrate existing costs of your HR department, the expense of purchasing a system, and the savings incurred by using the new platform. Having an itemized report demonstrating cost benefits can encourage management to make the new process required, not voluntary.

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