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Teaming Finance and Human Resources Outsourcing

Finance & HR: A Necessary Corporate Partnership

Modern business owners recognize that individual departments can no longer exist in corporate silos. In order to maximize efforts and optimize results, it’s critical to integrate and collaborate as much as possible. One necessary corporate assimilation with staying power? Partnering finance and HR divisions, particularly as it relates to human resources outsourcing. When properly integrated, this type of alliance reduces hiring as a strictly administrative function and strategically transforms the process into potential financial gain.

Why have finance and HR relationships flourished in the past few years? Recent operational trends have (rightfully) re-categorized employees from mere staff to human capital. Your employees are now recognized as both the organization’s biggest asset as well as probably its biggest expense; aligning HR with your finance team can help strategically leverage your human capital investment for optimal returns.

Align Your Finance Team With Human Resources Outsourcing

For many executives, the best way to reinforce a coalition between finance and HR is to use a human resources outsourcing firm to find new talent. An outside recruiting team understands that it’s not enough to merely hire leading candidates. In order to consistently outshine the competitions’ performance, it’s critical to bring in new employees with staying power. Continuously losing team members and having to restart the search process can have a major impact on any company’s bottom line. Having the opportunity to train, educate, certify, and hone internal resources is the best way to fortify your internal output, while fostering a positive overall corporate culture and morale. Human resources outsourcing has the tenure and insight needed to do just that. An outside team will know how to closely partner with your financial division to understand precisely what constitutes a successful, long-term hire. From there, they will put together a plan of action to bring in top-tier workers to seamlessly integrate within your organization to offset overall labor costs with superior performance.

Retention alone is not the only HR factor influencing profits. It’s imperative to source candidates that have experience and skill versatility. Performance agility throughout every level of your business means your internal force has the dexterity and foresight needed to strategically unearth and manage any potential opportunity. Your outsourced recruiting team will access their extensive network of talent to find prospects with the agility that grants your business a competitive edge.

What To Look For In Your HR Partner

Once you’ve decided that a CFO/HRC relationship can boost your business, it’s important to know how to find the right human resources outsourcing provider. Look for a firm that doesn’t simply “fill orders” but rather, develops partnerships. A qualified and experienced company will want to get a thorough understanding of your organization’s talent needs. Your chosen team should work with you to develop a strategic vision on how to take your hiring process to the next level. From there, they should create a customized staffing model that yields scalable solutions that will grow with your company for the ultimate return on investment.

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