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Team With Staffing Agencies In Madison WI

Find Top Talent: New Resources For Screening Candidates

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Madison, WI, the team at The Payroll Company recognizes that, no matter what the temperature of the market, procuring top talent for your organization is a must. However, the search for skilled professionals does get more difficult as the employment market heats up. More jobs not only means that it gets tougher to find qualified employees suited for open opportunities, it also means that it gets harder to keep the existing staff members you have. This is especially true if your current employees aren’t well suited for their present positions. If it’s an awkward fit, many employees will proactively seek new jobs where they may feel better qualified.

Partner With Staffing Agencies In Madison, WI

The best way to find and keep the right candidates is to have a viable screening procedure in place throughout the interviewing process. Working with leading staffing agencies in Madison, WI is a great first step toward enhancing your candidate screening. Qualified staffing agencies in Madison, WI will have access to a centralized database of talent. A leading firm makes it their mission to carefully screen and vet applicants on your behalf. Using innovative technology and well-trained recruiting resources, these hiring firms can quickly find both active and passive candidates for your positions.

Other Ways To Screen Candidates For Your Open Opportunities

In addition to partnering with staffing agencies in Madison, WI, there are other candidate-screening methods to consider when sourcing top talent. When working applicants through the process, you may want to include:

Group Interviews

One-on-one interviews definitely offer value. However, don’t underestimate the benefits of a group engagement. Having candidates meet with an entire team can help quickly identify which candidates have the needed skillset for success.


Go a step beyond an interview; have candidates give presentations on a specific topic to gain insight on how they evaluate and solve problems.

Run A Contest

Have an open creative opportunity? You may want to run a corporate contest. Use your social media pages; it’s an easy way to quickly reach the masses with a contest that allows candidates the opportunity to submit and promote their ideas and strategies to help with your overall business vision.

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