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Business has slowed and we’re cutting back the hours of some employees. Do I need to reclassify them as part-time if they’re working fewer than 40 hours per week?

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Not necessarily. It’s up to you to decide how many hours employees need to work in a week to be considered full-time. While we generally recommend that you abide by the standards you've set previously so that you’re enforcing your policies consistently, you could also change those policies (and notify employees) in light of current business conditions. For instance, if you previously defined full-time as 40 hours per week, but you've cut the hours of most full-time employees to 30 and want them to continue receiving the benefits that were previously only available to full-time workers, you could redefine full-time as 30 hours per week.  Before making any changes, you’ll want t

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Benefits Of HCM Software

Managing Employee Expectations With A HCM (Human Capital Management) System As a manager, do you feel like there is a major gap between executive and employee expectations? It's a common workplace occurrence. If you're ready to effectively streamline the information gap between various layers within your organization, you may be ready for an HCM (human capital management) system. What Is An HCM System – And Why Do You Need It? A HCM (human capital management) system essentially helps business owners understand and recognize the value of each individual contributor (aka employee) within the organization. A well-designed HCM system will offer insight on the current value of a staff member

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