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Streamline Benefits Enrollment

Tips For Successful Open Enrollment

The end of each business year typically brings with it open enrollment. This is the period of time where your employees are offered new health options and other benefit election options. While most staff members are excited to modify or update their enrollment, many HR reps struggle with the anxiety that this season brings. Plan changes can mean so many questions. Your human resource department can find educating colleagues on new processes and procedures a full-time job. Knowing some important tips to streamline your open benefits enrollment can deliver significant advantages to both management and staffers alike.

Use A Human Capital Management System (HCM)

Automating your benefits enrollment process plays a major role in the overall success of your program. Manually managing all the changes and updates throughout the organization not only proves stressful, it can also increase the odds of typos and other manual errors. The best way to ensure an efficient enrollment is to partner with a professional HCM team. A qualified provider will work with you to gauge your specific needs. From there, they can create a customized final solution that encompasses all your internal corporate language and requirements.

When consulting with your partner, consider some of the major components of your benefits enrollment so you get a perfect final fit. Some key factors to discuss include:

  • Training employees on using the automated system
  • Outlining data that needs to be captured
  • Creating a workflow using integrated technology in relevant departments
  • Developing an electronic approval process
  • Planning for data management/analysis
  • Automating deadlines with notification
  • Appointing personnel for issues
  • Sending this information to your carriers

These are just some of the many things a reputable HCM provider will discuss with your team for a fully integrated, completely configurable solution.

Educate Your Employees On Process

Once you’ve successfully employed technology into the process, you are ready to address the humans involved in the enrollment: your employees. For many staff members, the idea of changing benefits can feel overwhelming. While you and your staff thoroughly understand all the policies and details, it can often seem like a foreign language to everyone else in your organization. Hold several company-wide informational sessions to give them the information and answers that they need. Additionally, your HR staff should make time for one-on-one discussions with employees to ensure they understand all the fine print in any of the new policies.

Also, sometimes some of the best benefits get overlooked, simply because they aren’t getting promoted enough throughout the organization. If you have some new benefits that deserve a little press, give it to them. Create a one-page sheet that you can email, hand out and even hang up in the break room to draw attention to some of your new corporate differentiators. The combination of training your employees on the technology and educating them on the updated benefits plan will make the entire enrollment experience convenient, low-stress and, most importantly, successful for everyone involved.

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