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Strategies For Hiring Recent College Graduates

Hiring Trends With New College Grads – What You Should Know

As a Madison entrepreneur, you already recognize that hiring recent college grads is an excellent way to bring on new, enthusiastic talent within your organization. However, onboarding a recent graduate brings with it some distinctive hiring trends and distinctions. In order to keep up with the competition, keep these important tips and trends in mind to ensure you stand out with this year’s graduating class.

Work With A Professional Staffing Agency In Madison, WI

The first step towards success with a new grad hire is to partner with a professional staffing agency in Madison, WI. An experienced staffing agency in Madison, WI will have the tenure, established reputation, and networking capabilities needed to connect your organization with the best and brightest entering into the workforce for the first time. Even more importantly, a staffing agency in Madison, WI will know how to convey your company’s benefits and advantages to candidates to help your organization stand out from the organizations vying for their attention.

Hang Out Where They Hang Out

One grad trend that’s already shown it has proven staying power is social media. Recent grads spend a lot of time using both professional and personal social media accounts to find potential job opportunities. Do you have a current social media presence that stands out to this new generation of employees? If not, it’s time to develop one so you don’t miss out on qualified applicants who are searching for their first job.

Mobile Sites

Beyond social media sites, recent grads are connecting with prospective employees using mobile devices more and more frequently than ever before. Does your company have a website that’s accessible using a mobile device? If not, you may be missing an opportunity to connect with this wave of candidates. Worse yet, if this generation does find your site but can’t access it with their smartphone, you may instantly be categorized as “out of touch” with how modern business conducts itself.

Modified Benefits Package

Today’s graduates place value on different things than previous generations. Telecommuting, life balance, and easy commutes are just some of the many things that may be on their priority list when considering job opportunities. Work with your staffing agency in Madison, WI to further develop your benefits package if you feel it’s missing the mark with these fresh candidates.

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