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Stop Waiting: Use Automated Online Payroll Services

Online Payroll Processing Means No More Waiting – For You Or Your Employees

Working the back office at any business means one task that simply cannot get overlooked: payroll processing. Whether your organization pays weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, your payroll procedure not only needs to get done promptly, it also needs to get done properly. Unfortunately, agreeing with this philosophy and effectively executing it is often two very different things for business owners using a manual process to pay employees.

Manually managing your employees’ payments not only opens up the margin for errors, it also takes up invaluable time that your accounting staff may not have to spare. The result of an exceptionally long payment cycle is a stressed out accounting team and disgruntled employees throughout every other department in your organization.

Online Payment Processing Can Yield An Impressive Range Of Benefits Your Back Office

Are you ready to bid farewell to your manual payment procedures forever? Then you are ready for online payroll processing. Online payment processing will instantly yield an extensive list of benefits to your back office staff, freeing up their time to focus on other critical corporate components.

Some Of The Many Benefits They Will Enjoy Include:

Consolidated Employee Information: Running a manual process from several databases can mean wasting time waiting for various, relevant reports to be generated. Online payroll processing keeps all of your employee data in one place for easy, instant access.

Automatic Tax Filings And Payments: Ever wonder how much time your back office spends keeping your organization both State and Federal tax compliant? Automating payroll and tax payments means you will never again have to wait until after April each year to ensure you have met all of your tax requirements; your system can automate payments based on your corporate requirements so you always stay compliant.

No More Wasting Time Managing Paper: Perhaps the biggest time waster in a manual payment process is all the time spent managing all of the paper. Everything gets managed directly for optimal efficiency.

Online Payment Processing Means No More Waiting For Your Employees

Switching to an automated system also means no more waiting for the rest of your staff each pay cycle. Once the system has been updated, their paystubs are available online whenever they need to see and access this information. This means that they do not have to wait until checks are distributed to see their payments.

Additionally, making the move to automation for your payment process means that your employees will no longer have to waste time waiting in line at their banks to make their paycheck deposit. Instead, the system will automatically transfer their appropriate payments directly into their account. Best of all, an online payroll processing system means that they do not have to wait to access the deposited funds; the payment is available immediately upon deposit.

Are you tired of playing the waiting game with your manual payment process? The Payroll Company, a leading provider of customized, automated online payroll processing solutions can help. Contact our team today for a no-risk consultation on your specific payroll needs.