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Source Passive Candidates With Human Resources Outsourcing

Staffing Agencies: Recruiting The Passive Job Seeker

Filling open positions in any organization can prove a full-time job. Unfortunately, all too often, it also proves a “reactive” responsibility. As a business owner, you appoint an internal resource to dig through the ever-growing pile of resumes responding to a particular listed job and hope that at least one current applicant has the skills and experience needed to assume your available position.

Sound like your current recruiting process? If so, you should consider human resources outsourcing.

Know The Benefits Of Finding Passive Job Candidates

Partnering with a human resources outsourcing firm can deliver extensive advantages. They manage the entire process, from start to finish, so you and your team can focus on other critical corporate operations. One major benefit that comes with using HR outsourcing is the proactive searches for passive job seekers, a.k.a. candidates that are not actively looking for a job yet.

What are the benefits of entrusting passive candidate searches to your recruiting partner? First and foremost, passive candidates already have jobs so you know that they have skills that make them employable. Many passive candidates have a proven track record of performance and functional execution, making them a great addition to your business organization.

Additionally, passive candidates take their jobs and their job search very seriously. They will not move from opportunity to opportunity on a whim. Instead, they will carefully consider an available position to see if they feel like they would make a good fit for a function. These types of candidates often make for long-term additions to your team.

Another major advantage of using your HR outsourcing firm to find and connect with passive job seekers is that prospective candidates who are not aggressively scouring the job market can afford to be as honest as possible with your organization as they navigate through the process. Why? They have nothing to lose. Since they are already gainfully employed, they will often give you forthright details about their experience and job performance because they want to know, without a doubt, that your organization will be a good move for them.

Are you ready to make the switch from reactive to proactive recruiting? The Payroll Company’s team of human resources outsourcing professionals can help. Contact us today to learn more about our recruiting approach and how it can benefit your organization.