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Total Human Resources Outsourcing

TPC HR provides a turnkey outsourced solution for organizations looking for a comprehensive option for their Human Resources Outsourcing. Our Total Outsourced HR Services combine on-site with off-site support in delivering right-sized solutions — only as much as needed and only when needed. This cost-effective solution relieves organizations of the costs and energy it takes to maintain full-time dedicated HR employees while still getting the required expertise.

TPC HR’s Human Resources Outsourcing services combine the best of all of our core deliverables:

  • Benefits Administration
  • Payroll Administration
  • COBRA Administration
  • Retained HR Services

The foundation of TPC HR’s Total Human Resources Outsourcing Services combines our customization and personal service, two important components not typically found with large consulting firms. With each engagement, we meet with the client and tailor service levels and team member qualifications to meet specific needs. Some examples of HR assignments we handle for our clients include:

  • On an ongoing basis, we evaluate the effectiveness of the client’s pay and benefits package. The TPC HR team works with the client’s vendors and insurance agents to ensure the right packages are in place and are communicated effectively.
  • We regularly provide compensation analysis and can initiate new compensation programs, using our statistically accurate compensation data as a benchmark whenever necessary. We have developed and implemented point factor pay systems along with a skill based pay system for certain positions. In addition, our HR team has helped to develop and communicate a number of individual and group incentive programs.
  • We support senior management on an almost daily basis. Whether on-site or off-site, TPC HR is readily available and consults frequently with the client’s leaders, managers and supervisors.
  • TPC HR’s Total Outsourced HR contributes expertise to weekly management group meetings. We participate in senior management meetings to communicate HR issues from within and outside the organization.  Because our team works with numerous clients, we can share a variety of trends and experiences.
  • We develop and implement policies and procedures that support organizations of any size, industry, or market position (and also provide certainty in the ever-changing HR legal landscape).
  • Our team is trained to deal with difficult personnel issues. We coach and mentor leaders to handle conflict and make sure documentation supports personnel decisions.

No one individual can know and handle the ever-growing complexities in the HR field. TPC HR services are provided by a team of dedicated experts. From the moment the engagement begins, every Total Outsourced HR client gains from the collective support and knowledge of a team of professionals. If you are ready to place your HR department in the capable hands of industry experts, contact us and learn more about the value Total Outsourced HR can bring to your company.