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Performance Management Software

Would you like performance reviews to be completed on-time? iSolved Performance Management software is here for you.

Faster, legible, complete. All words you would love to use to describe how you want performance reviews done, right? With iSolved performance review software, you can speed up the process so managers and employees alike won’t mind completing their reviews.

Let’s face it, most people don’t enjoy printing out forms, filling them out and filing them in a folder. What if you had performance review software that could manage the process for you?

With iSolved Performance Reviews, you have the capability to create different types of reviews (90 day review versus annual review), with different rating scales, and different schedules. (Click images to enlarge and open in new window)

Performance Management Software

An example:

Upon completion of 60 days of an employment, an employee may receive an email reminding them to login and complete their questionnaire for their upcoming 90 day performance review. They may continue to receive reminders until a certain time when HR or their manager may be notified that the employee hasn’t completed their review. If they have, the manager can complete their portion and sit down with the employee for the actual review. All without ever having to print anything out. The employees are then stored in the employees online profile with easy access for the employee, their manager, and HR!

Performance Review Software


Have you thought about some of the benefits?

  • Utilize performance management software to improve timeliness, legibility and accuracy
  • Historical data accessible to managers and employees
  • Eliminate paper personnel files cluttered with years of reviews

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