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iSolved GO – the iSolved mobile app your employees have been waiting for!

Now that more and more employees are working remotely, accurately tracking their time for payroll is more important than ever.  That task just got easier with the iSolved mobile app – iSolved GO.

Outside of correct hours and pay for time working, changes to labor laws put the pressure on employers to ensure employees are being paid correctly.  FLSA, FMLA and of course the Affordable Care Act are just a few regulations that demand precise time records.

By allowing your employees access to the iSolved mobile app – excuses of not being at a computer to log their hours diminish!

A few key features of iSolved GO:

    • Mobile Punching & Timecard Approval
    • Viewing Paystubs
    • Requesting Time Off & Viewing Balances
    • Updating Withholdings & Address
    • Ability for Managers to Updates EE Info/Withholdings as well as Approve/Reject Time Off
    • Group Punching for iSolved Time by Managers/Supervisors

To learn how to give your employees access to iSolved Mobile – contact the support team today.