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Keeping your employees informed doesn’t have to be complicated. With iSolved employee self-service, your day just got easier.

iSolved employee self-service is not only beneficial to you, but empowers your employees to manage their own information, make informed decisions and communicate easily with HR. There is no third party product to integrate or add-on. iSolved employee self-service allows you to choose, based on company policy and culture, how much or little you would like employees to be able to access. The same holds true for their managers! Let your workforce management software work for you, not against you.

By utilizing iSolved employee self-service, employees can:

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  • Access company policies and documents

message center

  • Manage their personal information such as direct deposit, dependents and W-4

name address update

  • View and print checkstubs and W2s

pay history

  • Enroll for benefits, anytime (based on company policy of course)

open enrollment

  • Streamline communication with automatic workflow, messages, and alerts

Implementing is simple.

    1. Setup a demo to see iSolved employee self service.
    2. Sign your proposal as commitment.
    3. Receive your implementation welcome call!

For your own personal demo of how iSolved HCM software can transform your business, contact our sales team today!