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iSolved HRIS – making your life easier day by day.

Busy employers like you are demanding their payroll providers do more than just provide paychecks to their employees – get iSolved HRIS today.  You likely need to track more than just basic demographic information – information like injuries for OSHA reporting, who has what certification and when it expires, securely store employee documents, and more!  The iSolved HRIS is an additional component to the payroll function you currently use today. One database, one login – powerful tracking and reporting.  No more storing your HR information in Excel and manually having to track and update information. Let iSolved automate procedures and increase efficiencies today!

Below are just a few examples of the ways iSolved HRIS can increase your productivity by reducing manual tasks you may be doing today.

Certification Management

  • Configure your list based on company certifications, not a pre-built list that won’t work for you.
  • Involve managers in workflow, reminding them when an employee has an upcoming expiration.


OSHA Incidents

  • Track incidents by location.
  • Allow managers to track incidents, eliminating a step and turnaround time of your first report of injury forms.
  • Easily produce the 300, 300A and 301 reports automatically


Asset Tracking

  • Easily retrieve information on what you need to collect from an employee upon termination
  • Run reports to identify who needs to receive updated equipment


If you’d like more information on additional HRIS features, contact our sales team today! We’d be happy to schedule a demo with you to show you the full iSolved product.