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iSolved Learning Management System (LMS)

The moment you become a customer you have access to a comprehensive learning management system (LMS), iSolved University. This LMS comes complete with dozens of courses, delivered in right-size chunks that allow learners an on-demand, contextually relevant experience. Human Resources professionals, supervisors, and team leaders can create and track online training, as well as assign courses and paths, all personalized for your business and delivered across your entire workforce. Learning is self-paced, includes engaging gamification elements, and improves employee job performance by educating employees with learning that’s tailored to your organization and goals.

You have two options that give you additional learning options and expanded course selections, to include business courses that apply to a wide range of business people looking to learn and grow.

iSolved Learn allows you to create your own educational content to share with your employees. Curate the instructional videos to serve your companies specific educational needs. Teach your employees about the safety protocol they need to follow or what your processes are internally.

iSolved Learn Pro includes access to a library of 150 training videos on topics, such as compliance, business skills, workplace safety, and management.

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