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Human Capital Management Software

Are you looking for Human Capital Management software to engage and manage your workforce?

iSolved Human Capital Management software (HCM) will transform the way you manage all aspects of your workforce by combining payroll, HR, benefits and time and attendance into a single login, cloud based workforce management system.

Businesses like you need human capital management software to integrate these critical business functions.  iSolved HCM delivers.  With iSolved human capital management software, you eliminate the need to enter data in multiple systems, import and export to various systems, collect paper benefit enrollment forms, and have employee manually fill out a new direct deposit form or W-4.  Empower your employees and increase engagement.   iSolved offers a robust, user-friendly, scalable platform with features such as employee self-service, an Executive Dashboard, and Broker Workbench.

By having a single human capital management software for all of your HR workforce needs, you’ll be able to:

  • Provide real-time data to executives, managers and employees alike
  • Empower your employees to make changes without having to visit HR via iSolved employee-self service
  • Automate processes like open enrollment so they actually get completed on-time
  • Easily communicate with employees in multiple locations, on multiple shifts
  • Eliminate paper employee files
  • Streamline workflow with approvals in your new human capital management software

We invite you to explore what iSolved human capital management software can offer your business by requesting a demo today!