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Federal and state programs offer valuable tax incentives for hiring members of certain disadvantaged groups.  On average, one in four employees you hire will qualify your company for one or more tax credits.

The Payroll Company is proud to partner with The Tax Credit Company, a national provider of tax incentives consulting, administration, and technology, serving clients from Fortune 100 to small business.    In business for 17 years, Tax Credit Co. helps clients increase earnings by optimizing the process of obtaining state and federal tax incentives, including national hiring incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), state enterprise zone credits, state and federal R&D tax credits, job training grants as well as other state and federal programs.  Tax Credit Co.’s proprietary, next-generation software platform manages national tax credit screening and compliance for organizations of all sizes.

Contact our sales team today for a review of your hiring process to see if your new hire are eligible for tax credits!