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Carrier Feeds

Toss out your paper enrollment forms today!

Employee enrollment data can now be securely communicated to your benefit carriers directly from iSolved using digitized enrollment forms or electronic data interchange (EDI). This ensures any relevant updates get to insurance carriers quickly, accurately, and without manual or redundant processes.

Benefits and enrollment data is automatically delivered directly to your carrier(s) for open enrollment, life change events, new enrollment and address changes.  Eliminate the need to visit multiple websites to enroll new hires and reduce the possibility of keying errors.  Help ensure that new hires are added promptly, terminations are on-time, and carriers always have up-to-date employee information.

Benefits of Carrier Connection

  • Eliminate paper/manual benefit process
  • Automation & reduced keying errors
  • Secure transmission to carriers
  • Reduced overpayments for terminated employees
  • No more manually uploading a 401(k) file every payroll!

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Traditionally many carriers require minimum employee enrollee headcounts to qualify for EDI connections. With our iSolved carrier connection – we offer digitized enrollment forms, eliminating this barrier to connecting.  Gone are the days of 12 week implementations or companies under 50 employees not being able to participate – get up and running with digitized forms in as little as 2 weeks while your EDI connection is being tested.

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