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401(k) Management Companies

Thinking about starting a 401(k) Plan or looking at switching 401(k) management companies?

You have come to the right place!  With staff certified in 401(k) Plan Administration, The Payroll Company specializes in plan design consultation to customize a retirement solution tailored to meet your goals, help you attract and retain top talent, and allow your employees to effectively plan for their future.  We offer cost-effective retirement solutions for any size business.

Simplified Administration

At The Payroll Company, our people make the difference.  We are a paperless, not people-less, company.  We are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service.  Your calls will be answered by our expert staff that is available to help simplify and guide you through the administration.  If your daily demands make it difficult to devote the time to effectively run your 401(k) plan, then our Multiple Employer Plan may be the perfect option for you.

Just a few of the benefits of bundling services include:

  • Eliminating the need to send a file to a third party 401(k) provider each pay period
  • Completion of the census is taken care of for you
  • Demographic and deferral changes are automatically synced
  • Dedicated 401(k) support team and advisor

Full-Service Compliance Support

With our retirement plan services there is no need to engage a Third Party Administrator.  Our retirement plan services include all annual compliance testing and Form 5500 filing as well as preparation of all required annual notices and disclosures.  The 401(k) staff at The Payroll Company brings over 40 years of 401(k) management experience and can confidently guide you through any compliance-related matter.

Our team of professionals are continually staying abreast of the latest industry changes and best practices.  The retirement industry is highly regulated which is why our team members have their QKA designation through ASPPA.

Seamless Integration

By bundling your payroll and 401(k) with The Payroll Company, not only will you enjoy cost savings, you can enjoy seamless integration leaving many of the daily administration and recordkeeping tasks to us, allowing you to remain focused on your business.

Individualized Solutions

The Payroll Company is not in the business of selling mutual funds or insurance unlike some 401(k) providers.  We offer you access to a universe of non-proprietary products in order to provide individualized investment line-ups with your goals in mind – no hidden agenda.

If you are interested in learning more about some of the customization options available, please view our Comparison Chart.

Independent Investment Plan Consultant

Every employer and every participant can benefit from the advice of an objective and independent advisor.  We partner with experienced advisors from whom you can select to serve as the “quarterback” for your plan and participants; helping you to select transparent, low cost, and broadly diversified investment options.  One of the goals of many participants is to maximize their returns and minimize their tax burden.  Our advisors take a hands-on approach, providing your owners and employees with enrollment support, investment guidance, and overall financial planning to ensure each employee is on track to meet their personal financial goals.

Discover a Better Solution

Ready to get started?  With the right partner, implementing and administering a successful retirement plan couldn’t be easier.  Our staff keeps apprised of the ever evolving retirement and employee benefit landscape so you don’t have to.  Contact our sales team today and let us help you determine which of our cost-effective retirement plan solutions is right for you.