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Questions To Ask Payroll Processing Services

Sourcing Payroll Processing Services? Ask These 8 Questions First

Tired of manually managing your company’s payroll and HR services? Fortunately, you do have options. More and more businesses are outsourcing some (or all) of their back office responsibilities to professional payroll processing services.

What To Know When Working Through A List Of Prospective Payroll Processing Services Providers

Is your interest officially piqued? It’s time to find a qualified payroll processing services provider worthy of your trust and capable of managing both your current and future needs. Knowing 8 key questions to ask when you glean through a list of prospective payroll processing services providers can help ensure that you choose a qualified and reputable vendor.

1) Can you tell me about your specific payroll processing services?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many business owners assume that all vendors offer the same services. Not true; understanding what each provider offers/specializes in can guarantee that all of your needs will be met.

2) What does the setup process involve?

Ideally, your chosen provider will be able to create an online account for you so all you’ll have to do is sign in and begin setting up your employees within the database.

3) How do you secure your clients’ information?

Not feeling comfortable about how your information will be protected is a deal breaker. Take the time to understand the various layers of security offered by your selected provider.

4) Do you offer tax services?

In addition to straightforward payroll processing services, a qualified vendor will also deliver tax services as well. Your provider should not only manage payroll taxation for you, but they should make it their top priority to stay ahead of any change in tax laws and mandates for you.

5) How does your pricing model work?

Are you billed a monthly fee? Can you expect additional fees as your employee base grows? Will you receive a free trial session? Understanding how you will be charged can help you make your final decision.

6) What kind of customer support capabilities do you offer?

Yes, you are signing up for virtual assistance with your payroll; however, when questions arise you will want fast access to a real live human being. Ask how your inquiries will be handled, and what kind of response time you can expect.

7) Will your system integrate with my existing automated processes?

The whole point of teaming with payroll processing services is to eliminate the need for manual management. Always look for a vendor who has the capabilities needed to integrate with your existing system for optimal automation (and convenience!).

8) Are you able to grow with my business?

Some payroll processing companies specialize in small business needs, but have no ability to evolve their services to suit them as their clients’ businesses grow. Knowing that your selected vendor has the capabilities needed to grow with your provider can mean the difference between starting over every few years and a true, long-term partnership.

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