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Philadelphia Mandates Paid Sick Leave


Effective May 13, 2015, employers with 10 or more employees in the city of Philadelphia will be required to provide one hour of PSL for every 40 hours worked in the city, up to 40 hours in a year.  Note that employees who work fewer than 40 hours in a year in the city are entitled to unpaid sick leave.  A chain establishment is required to provide PSL regardless of the number of employees in that establishment.  A chain establishment is defined as an establishment doing business under the same trade name used by 15 or more establishments, regardless of where the others are located.  Independent contractors, seasonal workers, adjunct professors, employees hired for a team of less than six months, interns, pool employees in the health care industry, state and federal employees, and employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement are not covered by the ordinance [Ordinance No. 141026, L. 2015].