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Performance Management Software For More Efficient Reviews

Performance Management Software For Streamlined Reviews And Much More

Performance management software offers your managers and executives more useful data in a timely manner, and helps your company achieve its goals with less administrative effort. Many contemporary companies have discovered that the old-school model of annual sit-down performance reviews does not provide a complete picture for managers to work from, and it doesn’t do anything to boost employee engagement. Modern performance management software allows executives and managers to set goals and monitor progress toward them in real time, making it simple to keep your company’s plans on track and your employees actively engaged in your ongoing efforts.

A Complete Solution

Companies spend a great deal of time and resources trying to stay on top of Human Resources and Benefits matters, getting performance evaluations and goal-setting done on time, and managing records. A premium performance management suite lightens the load across the board.

  • Wizards And Custom Reports – Wizards are pre-programmed reporting functions that address many of the most-commonly needed report types for all aspects of Human Resources. Custom reports for things like multi-level reviews or goal tracking are easy to create, and allow managers and executives instant access to the data they need to make informed business decisions.
  • Customized Reviews With Automation – Set up peer-to-peer reviews, direct report reviews, and self-reviews, along with time and attendance reporting in cloud-based forms, and reminders to the parties whose input is required. Managers can instantly review the status of the review process whenever needed, and all of the forms are maintained paperlessly, always accessible and never archived.
  • Tracking Goals – Talent management is a challenging area for many companies. With software-based tracking of employee goals, accomplishments, and deficiencies, managers can stay on top of projects and specific goals more easily. It’s also easier to accurately assess the overall effectiveness of individuals, teams, and strategies when you have objective and definitive data available at a glance from a management dashboard.
  • Employee Involvement – Beginning with the integrated onboarding process, employees take an active role in becoming part of your company’s system. Each profile is automatically checked for completeness, and can automatically send reminders for any needed updates. With an optional benefits management module, your employees can even manage their own benefits enrollment, giving them a stronger sense of empowerment. You get better records with less effort, and your employees maintain a sense of current awareness about their work life.

iSolved Performance Management Software

With iSolved performance management software from The Payroll Company, your company has all the powerful tools it needs to manage your talent and resources today, and into the future. Because iSolved is a fully scalable suite, your company will never outgrow it. The Payroll Company can help your company enjoy a painless, disruption-free transition to a paperless system, including iSolved. To learn more about how iSolved can save administrative time and free your managers and employees up for more profitable work, contact us online or by phone at 877-763-5111. The Payroll Company can help your company enjoy a painless, disruption-free transition to a paperless system, including iSolved.