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Partnering With HR Outsourcing Companies

5 Reasons Qualified HR Outsourcing Companies Will Offer Services For Employee Handbooks

The team at The Payroll Company understands that it’s important to continuously enhance the human resources services that we offer to our clients. Why? Because consistently delivering a widespread range of capabilities and differentiators is the best way to edge out other HR outsourcing companies in the region. One key offering that helps set The Payroll Company apart from other HR outsourcing companies? Working with our partners to create a comprehensive employee handbook.

Why Your Organization Needs A Thorough Employee Handbook

At The Payroll Company, we know that, all too often, business owners assume that they don’t need an employee handbook for their organization. However, our team of human resources experts recognizes the key benefits having this important documentation can offer companies of every size and scope. Five critical reasons you’ll want to incorporate employee handbooks in your organization include:

#1 – Managing expectations: Successfully running a business in every industry requires effectively managing expectations. An employee handbook offers the perfect forum for you to do so. Throughout the pages of the document, you’ll be able to communicate specific information about a wide range of processes and procedures to set expectations throughout the individual’s entire employment with you. All employees should receive his/her employee handbook upon beginning employment so they can use it as a reference as they become acquainted with how your business operates.

#2 – Outline appropriate behavior: Not only will your handbook set expectations and communicate information; it will also serve a written documentation that outlines appropriate behavior in various situations as well as the consequences that will be invoked for behavior violations. You’ll be able to outline important behaviors such as requesting paid time off, and detail any consequences for inappropriate actions such as not meeting the dress code, disclosing confidential information, etc.

#3 – Ensure consistent employee treatment: As your company grows and increases infrastructure, it’s important to ensure that all employees are treated consistently and held to the same standards throughout your organization. Your employee handbook will serve as an invaluable guide for managers to handle issues consistently and avoid unfair treatment of various individuals throughout the organization.

#4 – Showcase your corporate benefits: An effective handbook doesn’t just outline rules and regulations, it’s also the perfect place to showcase the many benefits offered to employees from your organization. Here you can list all the advantages and benefits provided by your company, such as workers’ compensation, medical insurance, 401K plans and even paid time off.

#5 – Legal protection in claims and/or lawsuits: Most importantly, having a detailed employee handbook can actually offer legal protection for your company in the event of a claim or lawsuit being filed. The document will outline various rules and regulations that must be followed to help your company prove that the right steps were taken when disciplining or even terminating an employee.

Employee handbooks are just one of the many ways that The Payroll Company stands out from other HR outsourcing companies. For many information on our comprehensive range of human resources capabilities, visit our website today!