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Partner With A Professional Staffing Team

Why You Should Partner With Staffing Professionals During This Historic Unemployment Low

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the country hit a 4.7 percent unemployment rate in February 2017. The past several months have all reflected this low unemployment trend, putting us in line with rates not seen in roughly a decade. And these are just the national averages; some individual states are experiencing historic lows in their unemployment.

While a bustling economy full of active workers is an excellent sign, many employers are suddenly noticing a major upheaval in their recruiting efforts. Just a few short years ago, any open position would instantly get flooded with applicants. However, with so many employees now enjoying job satisfaction, it can be hard to spot relevant candidates wading in the seemingly empty talent pool. The best way to ensure your open opportunities aren’t affected is to partner with a firm that specializes in staffing and recruiting services.

Benefits Of Working With A Staffing Firm In This Hiring Market

Why should you partner with a recruiting firm in this hiring market? A sourcing team offers an extensive range of benefits that can quickly separate your positions from the competition. Your recruiting specialist will offer:

Access To Passive Candidates

Sometimes candidates don’t realize that they are looking for a new opportunity…yet. Your recruiter will have the skills needed to go after “passive” candidates to present your position and ensure you get access to the best possible talent within your industry.

Compensation/Benefits Consultation

A low unemployment rate means that candidates don’t have to settle for any opportunity that comes their way. Your position should not only fall inline with current market standards, it should also have a few added benefits that make it stand out from other openings in your vertical. A professional recruiter will consult with you to develop your compensation package so it appeals to the right candidates.

Expedite The Hire

Most importantly, in today’s employment market, high-caliber candidates are hired quickly. Your staffing partner will manage the process for you to make sure you’re ready to move as soon as you find the best fit for your position.

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