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The Risk (And Cost) Of Failing To Conduct Background Checks

Running your organization effectively sometimes means prioritizing some functions over others in order to simply keep things moving. This can prove particularly true when hiring new employees. A hiring gap in your organization can often mean your already overstretched staff having to absorb even more responsibilities. In an effort to fill the void fast, you may feel tempted to hire a seemingly qualified candidate as quickly as possible, without performing any background checks to expedite the time between offer letter and start date.

Some entrepreneurs don’t feel pressured to hasten their hires, but simply don’t want to incur the costs associated with employee background checks. For them, running their business as lean as possible means trimming expenses whenever possible. Backgrounds check on candidates that appear to have all the needed qualifications can feel like an unnecessary waste of money, so they opt to move forward without.

HR Outsourcing Minimizes Risks And Cost For Hires

Unfortunately, many business owners worried about time and/or money often realize too late that a failure to conduct background checks can cost them heavily in both. If you’re not currently conducting these checks when bringing on new candidates, you could be unwittingly leaving your business open to theft, embezzlement, or even liability for negligent hiring.

The best way to mitigate risk and cost when bringing on new talent is to partner with a human resources outsourcing company. An HR outsourcing organization will manage various recruiting components as well as coordinate reference and security checks to validate every candidate’s credentials. Some key situations where an HR outsourcing company can help you company optimize hiring return on investment include:

Identifying Violence At Workplace

Your employees deserve to feel like work provides a safe environment for them. Every new employee should be screened to ensure there are no previous violent outbursts in his/her past. Your HR outsourcing partner will run a criminal background check to determine if there was an episode that requires a more careful analysis before you make an offer.

History Of Non-Commitment

The expense of hiring a new employee goes beyond compensation. You and your staff will spend time and money training each candidate during the onboarding process. This investment into a new staff member is critical; however, if you bring on an employee with a history of leaving jobs in a short amount of time, you may find yourself spending too much time and money with the process. An outsourced HR team will check work history of applicants before you hire them to identify trends in switching jobs frequently as well as any significant gaps in between employment.

Criminal Activity

As a business owner, it’s critical to remain vigilant about protecting your corporate assets. Outsourcing your hiring needs means that your provider will carefully screen each and every candidate you interview. Your recruiting partner will conduct a criminal background check to ensure there’s no history of criminal activity for added peace of mind.

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