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Optimize HCM User Experience

Don’t Dismiss The Benefits Of A Positive HCM User Experience

Are you currently considering implementing an automated HCM (human capital management) system within your organization? If so, it’s important to evaluate two vital considerations before choosing the best innovation for your business. First, think about functionality. It’s critical to select a system that actually does what you need it do. When working with HCM providers, you will go through your checklist of  “must haves” to guarantee that all your distinctive corporate needs are covered.

However, functionality alone should not be the cornerstone of your HCM selection. Experienced human capital management vendors will know that in order to achieve a successful system implementation, business owners have to go beyond functionality and think about the actual application users. User (aka your employees) experience can truly make or break your integration. If your staff members deem the application too challenging or convoluted, they will revert back to manual processes, wasting precious time and money throughout your business.

Key Factors To Look For When Evaluating User Experience

When working with your chosen human capital management provider, consider several key user experience factors to ensure you find a system that your staff members will embrace. These considerations include:

Full Integration

Integration capabilities can have a significant impact on your staff’s user experience. Some business owners automate functions, but do it within individual departments. As a result, every team has its own system and way of managing a specific process. Don’t risk bottlenecks or things falling through the cracks as it moves from department to department. Look for a system that offers full integration throughout the critical teams in your business to ensure your users have access to what they need, when they need it.

Streamlining Common Tasks

It’s no secret that back office professionals often find themselves completely overwhelmed with paperwork and managing entire processes throughout the organization. Your payroll and human resources team will look for a system that not only houses critical staff data, but also has the capability to streamline a multitude of common, everyday tasks. An HCM system that enables them to quickly simplify their daily paper trail adds value to their overall user experience, making them more likely to adopt the application in their workday.

Low Ramp Up Time

Your employees are busy managing their daily functions; asking them to take days away from their jobs to train on a new system can often be met with resistance and avoidance. When choosing human capital management, look for a simple, yet engaging option that optimizes user intuition. You will want an option that requires very little ramp up time from your staff so they feel encouraged to familiarize themselves with the application quickly and begin implementing it into their current workload.

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