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New Jersey Monthly Reporting Bill Amended

On February 5, the New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee voted on the substitute version of A.B. 3156, which would:

  • Include wage information for employees who have been terminated or otherwise separated from employment
  • Require quarterly unemployment insurance wage reporting instead of monthly wage reporting
  • Require employers to file an Employee Status Report within 20 days (or 15 days for employers that report electronically) of an employee’s “hiring, re-hiring, return to work, or ending of employment”
  • Require the employer to report the “number of base weeks” worked “during the calendar quarter in which the employment ends”

The legislation simplifies the type of wages that must be reported by specifying that wages do not include nonmonetary remuneration.  However, employers in specialized industries, such as staffing, provide flexible work schedules to employees.  In these situations, a termination date is difficult to define, which could provide confusion.  While the shift away from monthly reporting is a positive step, the requirement to calculate wage information for former employees creates a similar cost and administrative burden for employers, as it would effectively require employers to track two types of payroll information.