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Manage Your HCM Conversion

HCM Conversion: Scrub Your Data First

Transferring your HR data from an internal system to a cloud-based HCM delivers a wealth of benefits of opportunities for your organization. A comprehensive human capital management system offers a centralized, integrated storage solution for relevant users throughout your company. With just a few simple clicks, staff members from any department can access what they need: vacation approval, timesheets, employee reports and more.

However, successfully upgrading to a human capital management software system requires careful planning to guarantee a seamless integration throughout the process. In order to enjoy an effective and efficient migration, it’s critical to take the time needed for a little spring cleanup with your existing data. Following three simple tips can make your data scrub as painless and stress-free as possible.

  1. Get The Team On Board
    Yes, gleaning through your data will take time and internal manpower; however, ignoring the responsibility can convolute the entire process. Gather up your internal team to update them on the impending project as well as allocate resources needed to get the job completed properly. Create a project document so everything agreed upon, including completion dates, are in writing for everyone to review as needed.
  2. Update Your Procedure
    Now is the perfect time to go through your existing HR processes. What makes sense to transition over to your new human capital management system? What is outdated and needs to be eliminated from the process? Work with your HCM provider to streamline your system for optimal efficiency. Having an outline in place of how your process will work going forward will help you determine what to keep and what to eliminate in your stored data.
  3. Begin The Process
    Once you have developed your plan of action, it’s officially time to act. Execute on your data scrub. Consolidate old records and eliminate irrelevant functionality. Work with your chosen partner to answer questions and provide insight throughout the process so you know that you are effectively managing the data that will migrate over. Once you’ve completed the transition to the new HCM, be sure to run historical reports on the older data to ensure it’s stored properly and easy to access.

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