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Implementing A Payroll Conversion System

How To Plan For Success During Your Payroll Conversion Process

Are you currently considering a payroll conversion for your organization? As a leading resource for organizations of every size and scope moving to a new payroll system, The Payroll Company understands how critical a methodical, systematic transition is key to the overall success of the initiative. When getting ready for your payroll conversion, it’s important to consider key factors such as:

Timing of payroll conversion: When you implement your payroll conversion is crucial; as we near the end of October, now is the perfect time to consider a year-end conversion. While a year-end conversion isn’t a necessity, this type of timing will help streamline the entire process and minimizes the amount of data that needs to be transferred.

Transfer of data: Knowing who will be responsible for data transfer can help keep the process moving without unnecessary glitches. Not only should you know who the internal main contact will be, but you should also have an outlined plan of how it should get done. Some systems offer automated data migration; however, others may require manual input. The Payroll Company can help guide you through this as we have converted clients from a variety of other platforms.

Side-by-side operations: Many clients ask about the need for mirror payrolls. Because of our thorough implementation process and the ability to run our pre-process report (as many times as you need to) before submitting your first payroll, the need to run side-by-side payrolls is eliminated.

Tax management: The rules of payroll tax management are often changing, making it imperative for business owners to utilize an outside provider and external resources to keep their organizations compliant. Whatever system you opt for, be sure to know the tax management capabilities.

Interdepartmental Capabilities: It’s no secret that HR, payroll and accounting departments often overlap in their functionality; a comprehensive payroll system will have the capabilities needed to effectively connect various departments as needed without having to keep separate informational records. Ask about the ability to integrate to your General Ledger!

Customer support: Of course, as with any type of new software implementation, optimal success often rests firmly on the type of customer support you receive from the provider. When sourcing potential vendors, do your research. Look for an established firm with a superior reputation for quality. Additionally, always ask for references…and check them to ensure that you’re partnering with someone who is worthy of your business.

For more information on how to effectively manage your payroll conversion, contact The Payroll Company today.