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Implementing Automated Timekeeping

Timekeeping: Automate Your Way To Success

Ever feel like manually tracking your employees’ hours is an uphill and often unsuccessful battle? You are not alone. Many employers will agree that, of the many components and moving parts that they must manage, tracking their staffers’ time and paid time off can feel like an ever-changing and ever-elusive objective.

While many will acknowledge that time tracking at any organization is tough, most will also agree that successfully tracking employees’ time is a vital function. Labor is often a company’s biggest expense; when you start to factor in items such as late starts, excessive breaks, and leaving early, many employers find themselves losing precious capital. However, the costs associated with labor do not end there; many businesses owners also have to absorb the cost of paying a separate employee to manually manage the entire time tracking process. Without a proper system in place, managing time for co-workers can quickly prove a full-time job.

An Automated Timekeeping System Helps Make The Entire Process More Efficient

If you are ready to change your lack of control over your lost labor costs, you are ready for an automated timekeeping system. Forever rid your company and your payroll department of an endless influx of manual timecards and time tracking spreadsheets. Instead, use an automated timekeeping system to effectively manage the entire process for both you and your employees.

An automated timekeeping system offers your organization a range of advantages, such as effectively managing when your employees arrive and when they leave. You will easily be able to view which staff show up late, who leaves early, and who takes longer breaks than offered during any given shift.

Additionally and potentially most importantly, your timekeeping software offers you and your managers the ultimate option for complete business objectivity. Never again will you have to worry about employees claiming that you do not have all of your facts correct. You can not only look at the data captured by the automated system to know the precise amount of time that a specific employee has worked, but the system will apply your own corporate policies to any time tracked instantly.

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