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Workforce Management Software can help First Time Managers

5 Tips For First Time Managers

Getting promoted to a management position can be both exciting and nerve wracking. Overseeing people in their daily routines comes with its challenges. Understanding a few simple tips can help minimize hiccups within your team and help you perform as effectively as possible.

Tip #1: Automate Whenever You Can

Many first time managers quickly realize that manual processes can prove a major time drain as well as increase room for human errors. Don’t get stuck in old-school manual procedures. Instead, automate a multitude of functions using workforce management software. Workforce management software delivers centralized access to a slew of information and operations including timesheet data, employee schedules, and task deadlines. If you have access to workforce management software, you will want to implement it to your team as soon as possible.

Tip #2: Accept That You’re Not Your Coworkers’ Friend

First time managers often struggle with the transition from peer to supervisor. While it can prove challenging, it’s not impossible. If you have become friends with your former peers, set guidelines separating your professional life with your private life. Make sure your coworker friends agree to these boundaries, because you may have to make unfavorable decisions as their supervisor. For all other former peers, you should still always be friendly, polite, and respectful. And, above all, don’t shy away from necessary, potentially difficult, conversations with your team just because you’re afraid to not be liked.

Tip #3: Give Credit When It’s Due

Employees appreciate feeling valued and having their efforts noticed. Take the time to plug into what your team has achieved and acknowledge their contributions to the organization. A team that feels appreciated works harder and is, overall, more loyal.

Tip #4: Run Effective Meetings

Meetings are generally a corporate necessity. However, all employees dread an ineffective meeting that wastes time. Come prepared with an agenda to help stay on track, encourage productive discussions, and always provide updates on past meeting action items to demonstrate to your team that your meetings produce results.

Tip #5: Surround Yourself With Capable People

Surround yourself with capable people and then delegate accordingly. Too many first time managers feel like they have to do all the heavy lifting themselves. However, successful supervisors recognize the benefits of delegating appropriately throughout the team. Empower your colleagues to manage appropriate tasks and functions to keep your piece of the business running as efficiently as possible.

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