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Human Resource Expectations | New Employees

Human Resource Expectations: How Well Does Your Company Manage Onboarding New Employees?

Human resource expectations have become much more urgent in recent years. The economy is recovering and prospective employees are beginning to find that they have more choices now than in recent years. It’s critical for today’s employers to include welcoming, integration, and community building into their onboarding processes. Losing employees costs your company money and productivity. Taking some simple steps to ensure your new employees feel comfortable and secure as a member of your team will help build your future success together.

Build A Lasting Relationship

Here are some steps your company should consider incorporating into your onboarding process to make new hires feel welcome and appreciated from day one:

  • Prepare A Space – Assign workspaces to new hires before they arrive for their first day of work. Be sure that space is clean and stocked with any equipment and supplies the employee will need. A simple, hand-written note from the new hire’s manager goes a long way toward making that first day feel a little easier. It can really be as simple as, “Dear Bob, I’m so glad you’ve decided to join our team! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you get settled in. I’m looking forward to working with you. Mary Jones, Manager.”
  • Photos – Ask your current employees to contribute a photograph of themselves doing something they love, outside of work. You can use them to create a photo collage (with names) to install as wallpaper on new hires’ computers. It gives the new hire a way to connect faces with names on your org chart, and it gives them some conversation starters as they meet their new teammates.
  • Assign A Welcomer – On your new hire’s first day, be sure you’ve assigned someone from their team to welcome them, show them around, and answer questions. The welcome tour should include showing the new hire to their workspace, and asking your ergonomics expert to make any needed adjustments to the workspace within the day. Have the welcome check back in later in the day to see if your new team member has any more questions.
  • Get New People Involved – There is nothing more intimidating than being on a new job with nothing to do. Once your new hire is done with onboarding paperwork and a tour, invite them to a meeting, ask for ideas, and give them a task to work on as soon as possible.

Make A Plan

Onboarding involves much more than filling out a stack of required paperwork. Developing an effective process to meet today’s human resource expectations takes planning, observation, and experience. The Payroll Company specializes in helping companies nationwide develop comprehensive human resource programs aimed at increasing employee satisfaction and retention, and, ultimately, company profits. Contact us online or call us at 877-763-5111 to learn how The Payroll Company can help your company develop a successful onboarding program.