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What Is Human Capital Management Software

What Exactly Is Human Capital Management (HCM) Software?

If you’re running a company of any size, you may have heard the term human capital management (or HCM) software. However, you may not know that HCM is far more than just the latest business buzzword. This technology application has proven an invaluable resource for organizations in virtually every industry. Understanding what HCM is and what it offers can help you determine if it could strengthen your corporate operations.

Human Capital Management Software: The Basics

By definition, HCM software refers to a system designed to help business owners organize, manage, and maintain both its employees as well as its processes. This type of program falls under the enterprise software category and takes the place of individual systems running throughout an organization. If you’re currently working on separate databases throughout each department in your business, an HCM program may provide an ideal, streamlined solution. A comprehensive application will easily integrate into your organization and deliver a centralized location for data storage, analysis, and reporting. Time sheet management, payroll, productivity, and paid time off are just some of the many functions this impressive system coordinates.

Not only does an HCM software solution consolidate needed technology in your organization, it also grants easy access to the data your employees need. Employees are given programmed permission to only see the information that pertains to their work function. After an initial training, your team will know how to make requests, input data, and extract necessary information for themselves. Most importantly, everything entered is accessible in real time. This eliminates process bottlenecks and keeps your business processes running as smoothly as possible.

Legal compliance marks the biggest potential benefit employers receive from a human capital management software solution. Tax laws and regulatory mandates continuously change, forcing business owners to spend precious time keeping up with the latest requirements. A well-designed system not only automates processes, it evolves and updates with every changing legal entity. You and your team will be directed by the system to address changes, keeping your business compliant at all times for the ultimate peace of mind experience.

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