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HR Tip of the Month

An employee handbook is one of your organization’s best onboarding tools. Make sure you get it into new employees’ hands as soon as possible. We recommend carving out an hour or two on an employee’s first or second day for them to sit down with the handbook, undisturbed, and read it from start to finish. This way you’ll know they have received – and hopefully absorbed – the information, and you can feel more confident when enforcing the policies within it.

Providing time during the workday for employees to read the handbook is essential if they are non-exempt, since non-exempt employees must be paid for all time worked, and reading the handbook is work! You can send it home with employees who are properly classified as exempt since they are not paid on an hourly basis, but we don’t recommend it. It’s unlikely to be enticing after-dinner reading, and since your handbook needs to be read for it to be a useful tool, it’s best if we ensure every employee – exempt or not – has time during the workday to review it.

Content provided by TPC HR Support Center.