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HCMs Automate Benefits Enrollment

How HCM Can Automate Benefits Enrollment

Businesses of every size have tapped into the advantages offered by an HCM (Human Capital Management) software system. A well-designed HMC seamlessly combines payroll, human resources, tracked time, and employee attendance, making it a one-stop resource for employees and managers alike. This invaluable option allows access to real-time data across every level of the organization, ensuring that needed updates don’t bring your operations to a grinding halt.

HCM Streamlines Employee Benefits Process

Strategic entrepreneurs have also realized that Human Capital Management can make a major difference with their employee benefits. When integrated in any-sized company, this comprehensive system automates the process in several key capacities, such as:

Streamlines Data Collection – Manual benefits procedures often rely heavily on paper trails. HR reps create forms and distribute them to employees, who in turn, fill them out and pass them in for filing. An automated process eliminates the dreaded paper trail by offering online data collection.

Eliminating Multiple System Tracking – Collecting data is only the first step in the benefits management process. Tracking employees’ benefits information can feel like a full-time job. Manual procedures require HR professionals to update data throughout several systems with each new employee, or even for changes in the files of current employees. However, a fully integrated Human Capital Management system eliminates multi-system tracking. Instead, data is entered once into the main system and will instantly update everywhere else it may be needed.

Employee Access – Another key feature in an automated benefits system is granting employees direct access to their online files. Your staff members will no longer have to consult with the HR staff to change benefit options during open enrollment or a life event. Instead, your employees are empowered to log into the system to quickly make changes directly, minimizing error and optimizing process efficiency.

Real Time Updates – Most importantly, using an HCM in your organization means that all entered information is available for real time viewing. No longer will your employees and managers have to wait until each individual system throughout the company is updated before pushing changes forward through the process. Instead, the one-time update is available for instant viewing. Employee reviews, updates to payroll deductions, changes in health care choices – all of these details will go into effect immediately. Appropriate staff members will receive instant notifications to keep operations running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Scalable Features For Optimal Results – Best of all, an innovative HCM system offers scalable solutions built to grow along with your organization. Manual entry means wasting precious time updating individual procedures. However, an automated solution evolves with your business needs. Your employees and managers will experience no gaps, only an enhanced user experience throughout the benefits process.

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