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Go Paperless With Your HCM System

Incorporate Paperless HR In Your HCM

Running a successful business means periodically evaluating efficiencies and workflow, particularly within the HR department. As the keeper of critical employee information, it’s important to implement a human resources strategy that safeguards data, yet still offers easy access to permitted staff members. Paperless data systems have proven an ideal solution.

Recent years have seen paperless solutions surge in popularity in human resources departments, for a wide range of reasons. As companies rely more heavily on technology to manage their ever-growing influx of data, eliminating the HR paper trail in their HCM system streamlines workflow. No longer will the HR team rely on employees to fill out forms that will need manual entry into a spreadsheet. Instead, employees can update the systems themselves, instantly allowing the human resources crew to review and manage the process electronically.

Cost also proves a major motivator when making the move over to a computer-based system. Businesses instantly see bottom line savings in common office supplies such as staples, binding clips, toner, paper, and ink. Using less paper also means saving money on storage costs. Printing and storing fewer documents also has a positive impact on the economy; business owners can feel good about saving trees from the paper mill. Additionally, less paper stored means less paper eventually finding its way into a landfill.

Implementing An HCM System: Other Key Benefits

Costs and environmental consciousness aren’t the only reasons to implement a human capital management system. Large and small companies alike have found an extensive range of advantages that an electronic solution delivers. Everyone impacted by the paper trail will reap the rewards of your new system. More importantly, a comprehensive solution will grant your employees the ability to manage all relevant processes and procedures. After an initial training, the team will be able to enter and process schedules, paid time off, and even generate customized reports that outline employee performance and management reviews. Bonus perk: without having to save and store papers, everyone’s desk in the HR department suddenly seems less cluttered and more organized.

Going Beyond HR With Your Automated System

Human resources isn’t the only department that can benefit from an automated system solution. In their quest to eliminate paper whenever possible, many business owners also opt to integrate their HR system with other departments, such as payroll. No more individual data silos, integration connects HR and payroll data and allows sharing of files as needed, all in one centralized location.

Once again, paperless wins. Eliminating printed copies of paystubs further saves on costs and overall waste. Pay raises will get logged directly into the database once and reflected at the next appropriate pay cycle. Employees directly benefit from this choice as well; their salaries get directly deposited to their bank accounts each pay period and they can quickly update key information such as address and tax withdrawal real time for optimal convenience.

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