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So many 401k companies to pick from – TPC 401(k) is a perfect fit

The Payroll Company knows how important it is for companies to offer their employees a comprehensive benefits package.  TPC Qualified Plans, LLC was established in 2009 in order to provide our clients with an integrated 401(k) solution.  In 2012 TPC 401(k), formerly Vesdata, was created to enhance our 401(k) solution by offering full-service recordkeeping and TPA services, allowing us to provide the client service our customers have come to expect from The Payroll Company.

TPC 401(k) is staffed with experts in the retirement industry who are trained in consulting with our clients to offer tailored solutions at a competitive cost.  Our retirement solutions are customizable, flexible, easy to implement, and will always be up to date and in compliance with all of the latest rules and regulations.   We have also partnered with reputable fund management firms to offer our clients professionally managed, risk-based portfolio strategies.  These portfolio strategies are designed to simplify investment decisions and help employees reach their retirement goals.

As you look at 401k companies – TPC 401(k) would love to share with you how our expertise can help manage your retirement plan. Get in touch today at or visit the 401(k) website today.