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Benefits Of Workflow Management Software

7 Benefits Of Employee Self Service Using Workflow Management Software

Don’t believe that your organization could benefit from workflow management software? Guess again. Many business owners initially scoff at the idea that employee self-service could have an impact on their business operations and procedures. However, upon taking a closer look at everything that workflow management software has to offer they changed their minds. They realized that employee self-service isn’t just a partial strategy for one or two processes; instead, when working with the right workflow management software system provider, their organization will enjoy a comprehensive and effective final solution that transcends all departments and functionality.

What Can Workflow Management Software Do For You?

How will your organization benefit from this type of software solution? Consider just some of the many benefits delivered by employee self-service. You and your employees will enjoy advantages such as:

Enhanced Communication With HR Members

A consolidated system allows staff members a direct line of communication to the right HR employee to answer questions and distribute information.

Open Enrollment Opportunity

Choosing the right benefits often means consulting with spouses, partners, and family members. An electronic system grants employees the opportunity to select their benefits anywhere that they have computer access so they and their beneficiaries can make the right choices together.

Information About Individual Benefits

Not only will employees be able to select their benefits online, they will also have instant access to a wealth of information regarding every benefit offered. Having these details online eliminates the chance of misinformation and streamlines the entire signup process.

Centralized Location For Updated Documentation

A comprehensive software solution eliminates the need for paper documentation and manual filing. Instead, you can simply upload updated documentation directly into the system. From there, this information can be accessed by both employers and employees as needed.

Streamlined Data Changes

It’s not uncommon for employees to experience changes throughout the year that would warrant changes to their employee paperwork. Change of address, getting married, opting into direct deposit…all this and more can be managed by employees directly accessing the database system and making changes themselves.

Vacation Management

Tracking individual paid time off and sick days can instantly become a full-time job for your human resources staff. Using an integrated digital system means that they can make their requests right through the system. From there, notifications will be made to the appropriate manager or supervisor and the time will be automatically tracked.

Viewing Benefit Elections

Having employees continuously peppering your HR staff with questions about their current benefit elections can prove inefficient. Your employee self-service system will grant them instant access to their current benefit elections and plan summaries to answer any questions they may have and help them to prepare for any upcoming life events and milestones.

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