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Benefits Of Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant Tracking Software: It Will Change How You Source Talent

Are you looking for a way to simultaneously streamline recruiting efficiencies and impress prospective employees? Consider an applicant tracking software system at your organization. Here at The Payroll Company, we firmly believe that finding and keeping top talent plays a major role in every business’ overall success. In a world where more and more potential applicants are tapping into the power of technology to find their next job, using an applicant tracking software system to move your candidates through the hiring process instantly lets them know that your business embraces innovation and efficiencies when making key corporate decisions.

Applicant Tracking Software Will Revitalize Your Recruiting Process

Of course, applicant tracking software will not just make a lasting impression on potential employees; using this type of hiring solution will also leave an indelible mark on your recruiting team as well. Manually managing the influx of candidates on any given position can prove exhausting and time consuming. There is always a chance that the right applicant gets overlooked completely simply because she got lost in a manual tracking process. An automated applicant tracking software solution from The Payroll Company will streamline the entire procedure to help your team effectively identify top talent for your organization.

When using our cloud-based solution, your recruiting team will experience a wide range of benefits including:

Automated Email Templates

Are you tired of sending individual emails letting candidates know their resumes were received, the position is on hold, or has already been filled? These form emails will automatically be sent to various candidates based on where they are in the process.

Paperless Employment Applications

Do not waste time and paper managing printed employment application forms; use the paperless application feature to connect with prospective candidates who may prove a great fit for your opening.

Interview Scheduling

Our system allows you to use Outlook and Gmail to coordinate the interview process for all relevant parties. You can instantly coordinate appointments to keep the hiring process moving forward.

Job And Offer Approval

The first step in recruiting new talent is receiving approval on the position. Our applicant tracking software solution streamlines the process, as well as provides an automated option for offer approval.

Social Recruiting Features

It is no secret that social media can play a major role in recruiting talent; our system offers features for you to track and manage your social recruiting efforts.

Implementing an applicant tracking software system from The Payroll Company offers another key advantage to your organization: Recruiting compliance. Recruiting mandates and compliance requirements are forever changing; it can prove difficult for your team to stay ahead of the very latest obligations on their own. Our system can help. We offer best-in-class EEO / OFCCP compliance functionality that offers updated information, so your team stays compliant at all times throughout the hiring process.

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These are just some of the many ways our system can help streamline your recruiting process. Want to hear more? Contact The Payroll Company today to discuss your current recruiting approach and learn more about how we can bring your hiring game up a notch.