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Political Discussions in the Workplace

This election season has given us generous helpings of drama, and the general election itself is only two months away. With the final stretch before the candidates—and us—you’ll no doubt overhear political small talk in the office. Maybe even a heated argument or two! While a respectful debate over lunch or a brief remark tossed over a cubicle may not merit a response from management, what happens when political arguments at work turn ugly? Raised voices can disrupt operations. Feelings can be hurt. Team cohesion can suffer. Employees with political differences might refuse to get along. There are even potential legal issues: a political debate about a protected class can devolve in

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HCMs Boost Corporate Morale

Four Ways Your HCM Will Boost Employee Morale Employers everywhere, and in every industry, have learned firsthand the many benefits offered by an HCM (human capital management) system. A well-appointed automated system integrates seamlessly within various department resources. As a result, business owners instantly enjoy optimal efficiencies throughout their organization. While the advantages to entrepreneurs are well known, many executives don’t realize the many benefits an HCM system delivers directly to their employees. Providing a human capital management system to your staff members streamlines a host of procedures, making employees' business lives infinitely easier. In many cases

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HCM Software Automates Onboarding

Use HCM Software To Automate Employee Onboarding Employee onboarding can feel like a taxing and overwhelming process, for both the HR resource and new team member alike. Often wrought with extensive paperwork and reading, onboarding can prove draining, setting a sluggish tone and overall impression that the new worker has for your organization. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. Many HR departments, of every size and scope, have discovered the many benefits offered when using HCM software to automate the employee onboarding process. Benefits Of Using HCM Software With Your New Coworkers Using an automated HCM software solution with your new hires instantly gets the proces

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Prep For Payroll Processing Services

payroll processing

Ready To Use Payroll Processing Services? Know How To Prep For Setup Partnering with a new payroll processing service yields a long list of benefits for businesses of every size. Automating your payroll reduces manual errors, offers integration with other key systems, and ensures your business stays compliant with local and federal tax regulations. Despite the impressive return on investment, starting the process can (understandably) cause some rookie jitters. Many entrepreneurs find themselves worrying about what information they will need as well as what type of documentation they will have to present during their organization's setup. Some business owners avoid using payroll processin

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