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SIMPLE IRS vs. 401(k) – Which is right for you?

A SIMPLE IRA can be a great retirement savings vehicle. It allows a business owner to take an active roll in preparing employees for their financial future. These plans can be easy to administer, but they can also somewhat limiting by nature- which means they aren’t the perfect fit for everyone. If you’re looking for a bit more flexibility out of your retirement plan, you may want to consider the 401(k) option.  Here are a few things a 401(K) can offer that a SIMPLE IRA cannot:  - Maximize your contributions*  - Limit tax liability on both a business and personal level  - Allow for customized options such as Roth contributions, profit sharing, and loans

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Using 401K Savings Strategies

Help Employees Manage Retirement Using 401K Savings Strategies A 401K savings plan can prove a powerful resource to help your employees manage their retirement. However, simply implementing a plan and hoping that your staff will maximize its value is not enough; in order to help your employees optimize savings strategies offered with a 401K plan, it's critical to customize some of the services and options offered through your company's retirement solution. When putting together a savings strategy for your organization, consider implementing other key services such as: Professional Consultations Determining the right investment portfolio can overwhelm your staff members. Even your m

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Partner With 401K Providers For Retirement Savings

401K Management: What To Know About Passive And Active Management Saving for retirement is a major goal for everyone. Experienced 401K providers understand that the choices we make today with our investments can have a significant impact on our tomorrow, especially since the retirement age continues to increase. While some firms opt for keeping their strategies "status quo," leading 401K providers are constantly trying to innovate their service capabilities to achieve the best results possible for their clients, while maintaining, or even reducing, costs. As a result, passive and active management strategies have surfaced as a reliable plan option for investors in a wide range of industries

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Invest Using 401K Management Companies

401K Management Companies Offers Long Term Investments Strategies in Volatile Market 401K management companies recognize that swings in the marketplace are just part of any global marketing strategy. However, understandably investors often panic every time the market experiences a major downturn. Volatile markets, while commonplace, can instantly invoke knee-jerk reactions from individuals trying to protect their assets, particularly when it comes to their retirement savings. It's critical to work with your 401K management companies and create long-term investment strategies that will endure whatever turbulence the market encounters. Some tactics your 401K management companies may sugges

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Find The Right 401K For You from 401k Providers

Pre-Tax Deferral Vs. Roth: Which Is The Better Option For Individuals? Working with professional 401K providers often means deciding between a plan that offers pre-tax deferral or a Roth account. While both a traditional 401K and a Roth provide retirement savings options, they each have some significant distinctions that warrant consideration before moving forward in the process. A standard 401K allows employees to contribute pre-tax income to the account. Upon retirement, you pay taxes each time you withdraw funds from the plan. Conversely, a Roth account allows contributions to be made after taxes have already been paid. Paying the taxes upfront means that you will enjoy tax-free withdraw

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401K Providers Minimize Stress

Use Professional 401K Providers To Eliminate Stress As an employer, you may feel compelled to help your employees manage their retirement funds. While the concept itself is a noble one, many executives soon realize that their role in the process can prove a stressful one, particularly when it comes to payroll. If you've been struggling to minimize the stress associated with the retirement savings plan you offer employees, consider partnering with professional 401K providers. Reputable 401K Providers Offer A Wide Range Of Advantages Including: Personalized Consultations Managing retirement savings internally often means employees coming to you or the HR team to answer questions abou

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Disadvantages Of Borrowing Against A 401K

5 Reasons To Never Borrow Against Your 401K We have all heard various investment strategists discuss the benefits of borrowing from our 401k plans. Lower interest rates and paying yourself back (with interest!) are the two biggest benefits to this type of loan. While it may seem like a sound borrowing technique, there can be some significant negative effects of taking out a participant loan on your long-term retirement savings plan. Knowing the risks can help you make the right decision for your situation. Here are 5 reasons to never borrow against your 401k. Plan Savings Come To A Halt Most retirement plans have stipulations that prevent borrowers from making additional contribution

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Find Qualified 401k Providers

Choosing A Retirement Plan: 3 Features Employees Love The age of retirement keeps increasing, making a solid savings plan a must, both for employers and employees alike. As a business owner, you already know that partnering with reputable 401k providers proves an excellent first step in helping your staff make provisions for their future. However, using qualified 401k providers alone often won't be enough to ensure your team has a positive savings experience. In order to optimize the benefits enjoyed by your employees, you should look for 401k providers that also customize their plans for an easy-to-use system that streamlines how they save and invest. When choosing 401k providers, look

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Get The Facts About Your 401K MEP

What To Know About Your 401K MEP A 401K MEP, also know as multiple employer plan, offers many of the same investment advantages as a standard 40K plan. The basic concept of a 401K MEP allows unaffiliated employees to participate in a common retirement investment plan. Under 413(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, contributing business owners offer retirement savings options under the sponsorship of a third party provider. The third party provider oversees investments, employee/employer participation, and assumes responsibility for administering as needed within the plan. Does A 401K MEP Make Sense For Your Business? Working with the right third party provider can make all the difference in y

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Offering A 401K Fund To Employees

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401Ks Aren't Just For Big Companies Many small business owners assume that offering 401K plans is something only big companies can afford. However, offering your employees a retirement savings plan can yield some impressive incentives for you as well. Launching this type of savings plan offers your small business significant benefits that should not be ignored. Why You Should Consider This Type Of Employee Retirement Savings Plan Having a 401K plan means that you get to participate. You can enroll in the plan and contribute to your fund throughout the year. Everything that you put into your account is deductible from your employer income. Additionally, you are not taxed on employee contri

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