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A Culture of Gratitude

Breathe new life into your workplace by creating a culture of gratitude and recognition. Here are four simple steps to make this happen:

1.Celebrate the specific achievements of individuals and teams – this can be as simple as a shout out via email for a job well done, a small gift card, or even a thank you note.

2.Encourage employees to celebrate each other by instituting a colleague recognition program whereby they can praise co-workers for specific behaviors or attitudes.

3.Show your appreciation for the entire team by hosting special events, whether it’s an informal happy hour in the break room, a potluck with a hosted entrée, or a monthly contest of some kind.

4.Make “Thank you” a phrase heard daily in the office; don’t forget that the most effective role-modeling starts at the top.

With a culture of gratitude, you will not only have happier employees, but employees who are more engaged, motivated, and loyal.

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