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5 Benefits Of Applicant Tracking Software

Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Utilize Applicant Tracking Software

Not sure if applicant tracking software will prove a wise investment for your organization? Many business owners find themselves struggling with the same quandary, particularly if they already have an existing (aka manual) recruiting process for them that they believe “works.” Greasing up a seemingly non-squeaking corporate wheel may initially feel pointless. However, understanding some of the many benefits offered by an application tracking software can illuminate why you may want to utilize this efficient and omnipotent resource.

Reason #1: Candidate Volume

Ever feel like you are simply drowning in resumes from candidates hoping for a position in your organization? Having too many applicants to sort through can quickly inundate even the most motivated company. Not only do you run the risk of getting overwhelmed due to the sheer application volume, you actually may overlook a great applicant simply because he/she got lost in the shuffle. An automated system can instantly make a major impact in your candidate volume. The system will automatically screen out unqualified applicants so you can focus on finding the best talent.

Reason #2: Corporate Compliance Is A Must

Does your company have to comply with various hiring regulations and mandates on both a Federal and state level? If so, an automated system is a must for your organization. A quality system will manage a comprehensive range of applicant information so you can quickly generate reports to demonstrate any needed compliance.

Reason #3: Helps Prevent Litigation

Having an applicant tracking software system means that your candidates are prescreened based on the information found throughout their resumes. There is absolutely no human bias utilized throughout the screening process. This can help prevent lawsuits or litigation from candidates who believe they were unfairly removed from the applicant pool for a specific position.

Reason #4: Your Time Is Valuable

Successfully running an organization means that you have to focus on core competencies and factors that contribute to your bottom line. In short, you don’t have the time to sift through an endless mountain of resumes. Implementing an automated solution can instantly free up precious time for you to focus on the more important responsibilities you have to on your plate.

Reason #5: Build A Pipeline While Building Your Empire

Just because a candidate isn’t a good fit for a current open position doesn’t mean he/she won’t be a great match for a future opportunity. An automated software solution will store all the candidate information for you for as long as you want it. You can constantly be building your pipeline to have qualified candidates right at your fingertips for any upcoming corporate positions.

Ready to stop recreating the hiring wheel every time your organization has a new opening? The Payroll Company can help. We offer customized applicant tracking software solutions that prescreen qualified candidates and helps you access the best available talent for your internal positions quickly. Don’t waste another moment with manual methods; contact us today to learn more!