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Archive for July, 2018

Employee Files: When More is Better

As much as we may want to simplify our HR processes, not all employee information is best kept in the same place. For instance, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recommends storing Form I-9s in a different file than other personnel records, so they can easily be audited (by you or the government). We also suggest keeping medical records and related accommodation and leave requests in a separate location so you can more easily evaluate what kind of accommodations and leaves you’ve provided in the past. A separate file for these documents should also reduce the number of individuals who have access to sensitive medical information. And, it may go without sayin

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The Fundamentals of Performance Management

There’s a lot of debate in the HR world about what performance management process employers should use. The annual performance review, once the standard, has fallen out of favor with some employers. They’ve opted instead for more frequent feedback about performance, sometimes involving the employee’s peers in addition to their supervisor. Others, to be sure, still prefer the traditional annual performance review. The right process to pick depends in large part on what you want to accomplish with performance management and what you’re willing to invest in it. Here are some principles to keep in mind when deciding on your policy and performing assessments: Performance reviews a

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How to Evaluate Your Culture (part 3 of 4)

This article is the third part of our series on workplace culture. In the first installment, we explained that every organization has a culture, and every culture has three components—the organization’s rules, traditions, and people. In the second article, we showed you how to identify the culture that you have so you’re able to assess whether it’s the culture that you want. Both articles are linked below. We turn now to the question of evaluating your culture. The specifics of a good culture vary from company to company, but there are a few general qualities of a good culture that you should aim for whatever your industry and mission. A good culture should be: Well-defined a

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Changes to Itemized Deductions for 2018 Tax Filing

If you itemize deductions, avoid tax surprises with a “Paycheck Checkup” People who’ve itemized deductions on past tax returns should do a “paycheck checkup” using the updated IRS Withholding Calculator. This is especially important due to tax law changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, such as: • A cap on deductions for state and local taxes. • Limits to the deduction for home mortgage interest in certain cases. • Eliminated deductions for employee business expenses, tax preparation fees and investment expenses. See for more information.

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