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Archive for October, 2017

New Form I-9 Must Be Used

As of Monday, September 18, employers are required to use the revised Form I-9 for all new employees. This new version of the form has the revision date of 7/17/17. The I-9 form can be found here or on the HR Support Center. Content provided by TPC HR Support Center.

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Stay Interviews

In last month’s Advisor, we discussed the reasons for conducting exit interviews. When employees leave, the exit interview can help you understand why. You may not be able to convince the departing employee to stay, but you may be able to make improvements that help you retain others. In this article, we’re going to focus on another kind of employee interview—the stay interview. Like the exit interview, the stay interview solicits employee feedback; but instead of being conducted as an employee exits, it’s conducted before employees decide to leave. As the name implies, the stay interview asks employees why they stay. Preparing for Stay Interviews Stay interviews ask employees t

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Requirements for Classifying Workers as Independent Contractors

There are a variety of reasons that an employer might want to classify a worker as an independent contractor (IC). The most compelling are usually the tax savings and the administrative time savings of not having to put that individual on the payroll. Often employers believe that if they hire a temporary employee, this option is available to them since it seems to make sense that you shouldn’t have to jump through as many hoops when only employing someone for a few days or even a few months. Other employers believe that a worker’s consent to be classified as an IC is all that is necessary. Unfortunately, no matter how good the reason or how short of a time the worker works for you, if

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