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Archive for August, 2017

How to Get Results From Your Team Building Activities

At some point in your career, you’ve probably participated in team-building exercises that made you wonder, “What’s the point?” Maybe they were useless group activities that everyone mocked under their breath. Or maybe they were inconsequential events with colleagues that, while fun, didn’t change the way anyone interacted in the workplace. Team-building activities don’t have to be this way. They can improve a team’s productivity and efficiency. The key is to approach team building strategically. To do that, you have to know what it means to build a team and how to measure a team’s performance. What It Means to Build a Team It would be nice if building an efficient a

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Reducing Exempt Employee Salaries

We’re often asked whether the pay of exempt employees can be reduced if they work less than 40 hours in a week. And the answer is almost always no. The very idea of the overtime exemption, at least in the case of White Collar employees, is that you are paying them to complete important tasks that require use of their own discretion and are less (or not at all) time-clock-sensitive. You pay them more than the bare minimum and can expect more than the bare minimum in terms of time commitment. But if they can complete their tasks in less than 40 hours – because they have used their discretion well – that’s okay too. However, there are situations where a pay deduction is allowable:

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OSHA Reporting Deadline Delayed

On July 24th, OSHA announced that it is launching a new website for electronic injury and accident reporting. Electronic injury and accident reporting was slated to go into effect for certain large employers on July 1, 2017, but was put on hold. OSHA has published a notice of proposed rule making to extend the deadline to December 1, 2017. Employers subject to OSHA recordkeeping should continue to maintain hard copies of OSHA Form 300, Form 300A, and Form 301, as they have in the past. Content provided by TPC HR Support Center.

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